About PUC-Rio’s Digital Humanities Lab (DHLab)

The Digital Humanities Lab was born out of a partnership between PUC-Rio’s Center for Social Sciences and the Center for Theology and Humanities. DHLab offers a platform to support transdisciplinary research involving digital technologies in the social sciences and humanities. It aims to stimulate creative approaches to the development of technological innovation that takes into account social, environmental, cultural, and economic issues, developing pedagogical and academic activities with PUC-Rio’s faculty and students, as well as with its collaborators. Its mission is to foster research and education at the intersection between digital technologies and the different disciplines of the social sciences and humanities.


DHLab provides equipment, space, and services to support the development of transdisciplinary research at PUC-Rio. Its structure, located on the Matteo Ricci Campus (photo), in Gávea, with an area of approximately 90 m², meets the demands for technological instruments for the collection and qualitative and quantitative processing of numerical, multimedia, textual, software, visualization, artifact, process, and simulation data, on a large scale. This model facilitates the integrated management of equipment acquired through multi-user projects and belonging both to the Laboratory and to associated departments and units.


Additionally, the Lab continuously promotes training activities for students and professors so that they can use its various data collection, analysis, and processing tools, furthers the creation of an environment that stimulates the development of transdisciplinary research and debates, and the encourages critical analysis of the digitization processes of contemporary social life.