The roundtable “Digital Humanities: challenges and opportunities for transdisciplinary research” will take place during the 22nd Annual Congress of the Media Ecology Association and will bring together researchers working at the intersection of the humanities and social sciences and digital technologies to discuss the opportunities and challenges of conducting transdisciplinary research in digital humanities. Participants will be invited to address a set of questions prepared by the table organization, so that they can explore the proposed problem based on their research experiences. The questions will cover 3 main themes: ethical and epistemological challenges; methods and methodologies; policy challenges and funding opportunities.


The roundtable will be moderated by Prof. Luisa Lobato, from DHLab PUC-Rio, with participation of Prof. João Bonelli (PUC-Rio), Prof. Erica Rodrigues (PUC-Rio) and Prof. Danielle Sanches (FGV DAPP).


When and where?

The session will take place on July 09, 2022, at 4:30pm, at PUC-Rio’s Gávea campus, room 102K.


More information is available on the Media Ecology Association website: