The project is part of the joint effort of the scientific community of PUC-Rio and its partners in Rocinha for the creation of a Center for Research and Knowledge Articulation, integrated into the Digital Humanities Laboratory. The development of the proposal mobilized researchers from 15 departments at PUC-Rio, as well as 9 social organizations from Rocinha. This effort aims to create a new institutional space, with the potential to produce research and knowledge with and about Rocinha.

The proposal foresees the development of a geo-referenced data platform with a publicly accessible portal. The data will be collected from existing databases in public agencies, administrative data systems, and field research.

The platform will be used to follow up and monitor the innovation projects proposed in Category “A” of the call for proposals, as well as to sustain socio-technical and techno-scientific networks, linking universities, organizations in the slum and public and private actors, service providers and producers of technologies and knowledge, with an impact on life in Rocinha.

Coordination: Prof. Marcelo Tadeu Baumann Burgos
Duration: 2022-current
Support: FAPERJ